God First Filter


The Liberty Action Network is distinctly and unapologetically Christian. Our God First Filter ensures that all members, volunteers, and activities are entirely focused on doing God’s Kingdom work in the context of their locality. 


To serve in Ohio as an unapologetically and unashamedly Christ-honoring organization and resource.

To unify, to equip or empower, to motivate, to coordinate, and to channel efforts of like-minded, God-fearing grassroot patriot, liberty, and conservative groups throughout Ohio to ally, to act, and to achieve righteous results. Results that include restoring the founding values and principles that formed our sovereign constitutional representative republic.

To lobby, when appropriate, on behalf of issues or concerns of the network members.


Through unity increase impact of righteousness on society (community, family, business, education, and church) and on (local, state, and federal) government.  

To serve as a portal of ideas, action, advocacy, collaboration, resource, and communication for network members.


To promulgate individual God-given rights as outlined in the Holy Bible and the Declaration of Independence including Equality, Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness. 


  • All men and women are created equal. We all have different skills and talents, but all have a purpose for being. All men and women have the freedom to choose what makes them happy and to pursue their own goals.


  • All Human Life is sacred and must be respected and preserved from conception until natural death. We support legislation, policy, and organizations that affirm human life and oppose those that do not.


  • Man is created in the image of God, male and female are the only two acceptable sexes and genders.  Homosexuality, lesbianism, pedophilia, etc. are abnormal behaviors and must be acknowledged as such. Transgenderism is unreal, abnormal, unscientific, and pure fantasy


  • Families (defined as married-to-each-other biological male and a biological female with biological and/or adopted children) form the basic unit upon which all civilized societies are established and maintained.  Fatherless families is one of the most urgent crises in America today.


  • Education should include an objective presentation of American History and Government based on the Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution and not on Marxist ideologies such as the 1619 Project or Critical Race Theory (CRT). Education should also be based on biblical values such as the principles outlined in the Ten Commandments.
  • Parents and not teachers, schools, or government are responsible for the training of children.  Competition must be introduced to public education and teacher unions influence must be de-monopolized.  Parents should be given the opportunity to direct their property tax contributions to the school or program of their choice (money should follow the child – voucher system.) 


  • American government consists of three branches:  legislative, executive, and judicial.  The founders recognized these three aspects of Almighty God, who is Lawgiver, King or Ruler, and Judge; they modeled our government after Him.  The Constitution must be followed to achieve a more perfect union.  When the judicial or executive branches exceed their authority, it is destructive to the nation. The legislative branch the most important branch because it should represent the will of the people.
  • Government regulation should be limited to allow for the greatest freedom of individuals and businesses.
  • Government’s primary job is to secure the nation and to protect the God-given rights of individuals.
  • The size of the federal government must be reduced not expanded.
  • All politics is local, and we encourage and support local grassroot participation throughout the network. (School boards, precinct committees, Commissioner meetings, etc.)
  • We must work toward reducing the federal deficit/debt and not increasing spending with increase in offsetting revenue.  We must work toward a balance budget.