JULY 1-2, 2022

How do we do ACTION together?

STAKEHOLDERS – #STAKETHELAND Drive 4 stakes on the on the four corners of a property or building to CLAIM THE LAND for HIS KINGDOM

AIR FORCE – Targeted PRAYERS for righteous ACTION
SPECIAL FORCES – Person or group that plans and implements the ACTION

INFANTRY – Those who join the ACTION in-person or at-home to implement ACTION and FOLLOW-UP


Organizer : Jeff Cline
Date : Saturday. July 2, 2022 starts at 10:00 am
Location: Mt. Vernon, Knox County, Ohio

Mission : To End the Shedding of Innocent Blood in America

STAKEHOLDERS : The public square in Mt. Vernon has already been staked

AIR FORCE (PRAYER FORCE) – Pray Psalm 91 for Protection for this team and that there would be an immediate end to the shedding of innocent blood in America and around the world. Pray Imprecatory Prayers against the enemy. Psalm 7, 10, 35, 58, 59, 69, 83, 109, 137, 139

The SPECIAL FORCES TEAM & INFANTRY will meet at 10:00 am Saturday morning at Southside Diner, 620 S. Main St, Mt Vernon Ohio.
Pastor Bill Dunfee will offer some biblical instruction and devotions. They will put on the armor during breakfast and have prayer for the event.
At 12:00 pm they will head for the public square in downtown Mt Vernon. They have about 60 signs and you can bring your signs. And don’t forget bring your bibles. The enemy will be there standing for satan.
Our team will have the war wagon, that has a stage on the top. They will be preaching and rebuking from that platform. Also they will have the ice cream truck there.

So you have options, 1. Hold a sign. 2. Do some preaching. 3. Hand out ice cream and share the gospel.

We just need to show up and let GOD show off! Kids are welcome to tag along.

Contact Jeff Cline to let them know you are coming. 740-398-8773 Let’s give’em heaven and take back the ground!!!